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Welcome To The NadineND Shop

I am happy to offer two options for purchasing/re-filling your supplements online.

Via the contact form below, you can order through my website and pick up in person at the Oshawa location or submit your order via Fullscript and have your supplements mailed directly to you.


Monday 9AM-1PM

Tuesday 12PM-6PM

Thursday 12PM-6PM

Friday 9AM-1PM

(Orders are confirmed via email prior to pick-up)

Shop Options

To purchase an item and pick-up in person at 231 King Street East, please use the product list pdf and follow the instructions below.



  1. Use the contact form at the bottom of this page to request a refill of your supplements. Include your name, contact details, the name of the product, the quantity and your preferred date and pick-up time. If you have any questions for me, feel free to submit them in the “Requested Product(s)” text field.
  2. Once you submit the email, await a confirmation that your order has been successfully processed and is ready for pick-up.
  3. Parking is available at the front or back of the building. Your order will be ready at the front desk upon your arrival.
  4. For contactless pick-up, upload a credit card to your Jane account or send an e-transfer to We are happy to offer curbside pick-up.

To purchase items online via Fullscript and have them shipped directly to you, please use the dispensary button below.

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